OutWest Coffee Meet-ups

The OutWest Sligo sub-committee have started hosting bi-weekly coffee meet-ups at Penny Café in Sligo. Every second Saturday from 12 to 2pm, members of the LGBTI+ community of Sligo gather on the veranda along the Garvogue river for coffee and chats. The first two meetings on the 19th of June and the 3rd of July were attended by members of the Sligo Pride committee, and they hope to continue to attend in the coming weeks.

Members of the Sligo Pride committee attending the first coffee meet-up on 19th June

If you’re a member of the LGBTI+ Community in the Sligo area looking for something to do this Saturday the 17th of July, why not join us? You can meet and hang out with other members of the community and enjoy some good coffee, or perhaps some elderflower fizz. Sometimes, there’s even cupcakes and dogs…

Bring your friends, bring your pride, and don’t forget to bring a mask. I’ll be there, will you?

– Pigeon, Blog Writer

Event Address:
Penny Café
Yeats Building
Hyde Bridge
F91 DVY4

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Sligo Pride Festival

Sligo Pride Festival launched in 2019 when members of Sligo's LGBTIQA+ community came together to present, "Sligo Pride Comeback". This formed the 'unofficial' theme for Pride that year, as it was surely a Comeback tour-de-force for organisers preparing and networking with three festivals, namely The Outing Festival, Dublin LGBTQ Pride and of course Sligo Summer Festival with just four weeks to get the job done. In 2020, we liaised with EPOA/InterPride to join in GlobalPride2020, partnered with Dublin LGBTQ Pride again and helped support Pride Inside ~ the Digital Pride for rural Irish Prides.

3 thoughts on “OutWest Coffee Meet-ups”

  1. I be in Sligo on 6,7,8, August
    Is,there any lgbt+ meetups on.
    5 us going for weekend fully vaccinated.


    1. Hi Lynda,

      There won’t be an OutWest LGBTeaQ coffee meet up that weekend as there will be the Sligo Pride Festival. Our PRO will be publishing the events for Sligo Pride Festival throughout this week on our social media, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as on our website.


      1. Great many thanks, be nice to have something to go to and meet some our lgbtqi+ community.  


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