Sligo Pride Protest March 2022

Artwork by Rosie Dore, Briarhide Illustrations


Accessibility for LGBT+ People with Disabilities

Sligo Pride aims to provide a safe, warm and friendly atmosphere for everyone. Accessibility matters!

Our route starts off downhill along Chapel Street and remains flat with a gentle incline up to Sligo City Hall where we finish up. Whether you are using a wheelchair, walking with limited mobility, or Visually Impaired we want you to have a safe and enjoyable Pride experience with us.

The Pride Route is shorter this year than in previous years. We are gathering at the Mercy College carpark from 12:30pm and setting off at 2pm. Our Pride route takes us down Chapel Hill, left at Crazy Daisy Flowers onto Abbey Street where we will continue on to Castle Street. Then we turn right onto O’Connell Street and at the end we go left onto wine street, then right up onto Quay Street where we end at City Hall for speeches.

Leading our Pride March is a local family of Grand Marshals, the Keighrons.

From left to right: Cameron, Sinead, Aoibhin, Oisin and Anthony

“For us, Family means everything to us. However, family comes in many different shapes and sizes, friends, siblings, parents, grandparents, step siblings, step parents, guardians, aunts, uncles, related or not, our communities, our allies, our advocators but ultimately the people we can lean on for support when times are hard and when times are good.

We are passionate about showing that with love and acceptance, you will thrive, believing that no matter who you are, or who you will grow to become, you deserve love, happiness and kindness. We want to help develop a world of openness, with the empowerment to express yourself in a way that makes you ecstatic to be you, we have dedicated a lot of the last decade to working actively to achieve this either through campaigning for LGBT+ rights, volunteering in the community, providing awareness training and talks, sharing our experiences or just being an extra Mum, Dad or sibling for those who needed it.

We are delighted to lead this year’s protest march in our hometown, to march to demand better rights for LGBT+ folks and to be able to extend our family to anyone in the community who may need it.”