Sligo Pride Constitution


The group Sligo Pride Festival,

Fully acknowledging that each and every human individual deserves full equality, without discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability (including; people with physical, intellectual, learning, cognitive or emotional disabilities and a range of medical conditions), race (including; skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin), Membership of the Traveller community, or any other characteristic protected by law,

Do hereby adopt, enact, and give to ourselves this Constitution. 

Constitution Pertaining to Sligo Pride Festival

I: Name
  1. The name of this LGBTIQA+ Pride Festival shall be Sligo Pride Festival, hereafter referred to as Sligo Pride or Pride. This organisation will use the name or its acronym Sligo Pride in all publicity materials and correspondence.
  2. It is with the discretion of the Sligo Pride committee to grant or withhold the rights when dealing with organisations, charities and businesses with regards to use of the name and logo.
II: Purpose

The purpose of this organisation shall be:- 

  1. To host an annual celebration and protest bringing awareness to the state of LGBTIQA+ Rights both locally, nationally and internationally, as part of the international Pride Movement – this shall be achieved by the hosting of an LGBTIQA+ pride festival, including; an annual Pride Parade/March.
  2. To support other local and national pride organisations in their efforts to plan and promote pride celebrations.
  3. To reduce public prejudices against LGBTQIA+ people and to counter discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community.
  4. To promote diversity and equality of LGBTQIA+ identities as well as to spread awareness of the community across the town and county of Sligo and the North-West region of Ireland.
  5. To facilitate networking and sharing of information and skills amongst members of the LGBTQIA+ community and national and international Pride movement.

The Committee shall be responsible for the safe and timely development of the festival and the march/parade.

III: Affiliation
  1. Sligo Pride is not owned or controlled by any other outside organisation. No affiliation with any other organisation shall dictate the policies of Sligo Pride.
  2. Sligo Pride may join with other organisations for the purposes of advancing its objectives as outlined in our PURPOSE, as long as joining does not conflict with or endanger Sligo Pride’s not-for-profit ethos.
IV: Membership of the Pride Committee
  1. There shall be two sub-classifications of membership of the Pride Committee:-
    1. Executive Membership
    2. Non Executive Membership
  2. The committee shall consist of a minimum three (3) executive officers, plus three (3)non-executive officers.
  3. The membership is open to LGBTIQA+ people or those working with the LGBTIQA+ community and who are interested in organising Sligo Pride Festival.
  4. If a committee member misses three consecutive meetings without an apology, then the member may be deemed to no longer be a member of the committee. 
  5. New members may be brought onto the committee at any time but must be proposed and seconded by existing committee members.
  6. Members will be required to sign up the voluntary agreement and abide by the ground rules and policies and procedures of the committee and be committed to promote it aims and values. 
  7. Committee members who do not adhere to this constitution will no longer be deemed a member of the committee.
V: Guidelines and Rules on the General Running of Meetings 
  1. No decision can be made at committee meetings where a quorum is not present. A quorum is made up of 50% of the committee plus one. 
  2. A minimum of six (6) committee meetings will be held each year including the Annual General Meeting. 
  3. Decision Making
    1. The committee will endeavour to reach a consensus on decisions. In the event of this not happening decision will be taken by a majority vote. 
    2. Voting will be open. 
    3. Each committee member, bar the chairperson, is entitled to one vote. The member must be present to vote. 
    4. In the event of a tied vote the chairperson will have the casting vote.
  4. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    1. The committee will hold an AGM each year, as part of a greater open forum/public consultation process.
    2. The time between AGMs must not exceed fifteen (15) months
    3. Notice will be given to the wider LGBTIQA+ community at least 21 days in advance in writing, which will include the time, date and venue of the AGM. 
    4. All committee members will step down at each AGM prior to election of the next committee.
    5. All officers who have served in a position for a period of three consecutive years or three separate years without a 1 year break afterwards will not be considered eligible for re-election to their position but will be eligible for election to a position where they have not reached the aforementioned maximum term.

      In the event a member exits a position for a period exceeding 1 year they may be considered eligible for re-election to the same position. An exception may be made in the event that a member has reached the maximum term limit but there are no other candidates for a position and it can be clearly demonstrated that the member stepping down would be detrimental to the organisation, subject to Article 5.
      In this extenuating circumstance the member must step down from the role as soon as a new candidate can be elected to the position.
  1. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM):
    1. An EGM will be called in cases where changes are to be made to the constitution or where there is misconduct on the part of a member or officer. 
    2. An EGM may be called by submitting the reason for the EGM to the chairperson and/or secretary in a letter signed by not fewer than three members of the committee. 
    3. In such an event of an EGM being decided as necessary the committee will be obligated to set a date for the EGM within ten (10) working days of the decision/vote by the committee. This task may be designated to the chairperson or secretary, ensuring that the public has been provided with a minimum of fourteen (14) days notice.
VI: The Officers of Sligo Pride
  1. The Executive Committee shall have the following Executive Officers:
    1. Chairperson – and is charged with providing leadership and direction to the committee, the Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that the committee fulfils its responsibilities for the governance and success. The Chairperson is generally the spokesperson and should work to maintain key relationships within and outside the committee.
    2. Administrative Officer – also known as the Secretary is responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the committee. The secretary is the primary administration officer of the committee and provides the links between the committee, members and outside agencies. The Secretary should be a good communicator, maintain confidentiality on relevant matters and have the ability to delegate tasks and supervise others. Amongst the Secretary’s tasks are to prepare agendas, control and distribute minutes, receive and disseminate correspondence to and from the committee etc.
    3. Financial Officer – also known as the Treasurer is responsible for the financial supervision of the Committee to allow the committee to provide good governance. The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer whose tasks include the preparation of annual budgets, planning for the organisations financial future and monitoring the organisations revenue and expenditure. It is desirable that the treasurer is well organised and possesses a level of financial expertise.
  2. And the Executive Committee is empowered to appoint the following Non-Executive Officer positions as needed:
    1. Communications Officer – also known as the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.) is responsible for the overseeing of media engagements, including the release of press releases and promotional material to media partners and news outlets. They oversee the administration of Sligo Pride’s social media presence as well as the organisation’s website.
    2. Events Coordinator – is responsible for the coordination of the events which help to make up the Pride Festival. 
    3. Volunteer Coordinator – is responsible for the recruitment, training and coordination of registered volunteers with Sligo Pride.
    4. Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator – is responsible for sourcing potential sponsorship streams for Sligo Pride as well as coordinating fundraising efforts. They report directly to the financial officer in all matters concerning monies raised.
    5. Volunteer Coordinator – is responsible for the recruitment, training and coordination of registered volunteers with Sligo Pride.
    6. Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator – is responsible for sourcing potential sponsorship streams for Sligo Pride as well as coordinating fundraising efforts. They report directly to the financial officer in all matters concerning monies raised. 
    7. Social Inclusions Officer – acts as a liaison between the Committee, volunteers and the public to help build Sligo Pride as a socially inclusive Pride festival regardless of socio-economic status, disability, orientation or gender identity, etc. Sometimes known as an Accessibility Officer, though this term can be limiting.
  3. The three core officers of the executive committee; namely the Chair, Administrative Officer, and Financial Officer should ideally be full-time residents of County Sligo so that those serving in these roles may have access to the financial accounts and be empowered to make full, transparent reporting to the executive committee and members of the Sligo Pride Festival and the community of Sligo.
VII: Rules on Elections
  1. Organisational elections must take place at least once per year, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  2. The winner(s) of the election(s) for all roles on the committee shall be determined by plurality vote. No member of Sligo Pride, however, shall be elected as an officer unless they receive a proposal and is seconded and is duly voted in by the majority of those present at the AGM from which they are elected.
  3. Appointment to the committee shall be based on:
    1. Election at an AGM or EGM.
    2. Appointment by committee in the case of non-executive officer positions or specialist short-term roles.
  4. Following an early resignation of the Chair, Financial Officer or other committee member, an EGM must be held. Another Officer may act as the Chair or Financial Officer in the interim period. See the guides on How to organise an EGM or an AGM for full details on how to re-elect people to your committee.
  5. A motion of no confidence in any Officer may be called in any committee meeting, by a petition signed by at least one third of the committee.
  6. If a no confidence motion is called then an EGM must be held, and in order for the no confidence motion to be carried it must be supported under Article 5.
  7. If the no confidence motion is successful, then the Chairperson or next senior executive officer should immediately inform the general membership of the committee. Sligo Pride will then need to hold another EGM to re-elect a new person to that position.
VIII: Rules on Amendments, Ratification, and Interpretation
  1. Amendments to the Constitution may be proposed by two-thirds (2⁄3) vote of the Committee or a petition signed by fifty (50) members of LGBTIQA+ community in Sligo and the North-West region, and presented at either an AGM or EGM.
IX: Dissolution of Sligo Pride
  1. If it is decided that it is necessary to close down the group, it may call an EGM to do so. The sole business of this meeting will be to dissolve the group.
  2. If it is agreed to dissolve the group, all remaining money and other assets, once outstanding debts have been paid, will be donated to a local charitable organisation. The organisation will be agreed at the meeting which agrees the dissolution.
X: Establishment of the Sligo Pride Festival Constitution 
  1. This constitution shall be established by a vote of a two-thirds majority of the membership of the group.
  2. This constitution shall be binding on the Sligo Pride officers and shall only be altered by consent of two-thirds majority of the full members present at a Sligo Pride general meeting.
  3. This constitution has been approved and accepted as the Constitution for the Sligo Pride Festival committee. By signing this document the Chair, Financial Officer and Administrative Officer have declared that they have read and abide by the articles set forth here within.

This constitution was agreed at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Sligo Pride Festival on:-

Date: 07 / 06 /2022

Name and position in group: Catriona Bonner (Chair)

Name and position in group: Amelia Warren (Administrative Officer)

Name and position in group: Darren McGough (Financial Officer)

End of constitution

Ratified: 07 June 2022

Updated: 07 June 2022

Downloadable PDF Version accessible below: