Sligo Pride AGM

Join us for our AGM where we will review the last year of the Sligo Pride committee and elect a new committee for Sligo Pride Festival 2022.

Positions available include:

• Chairperson – is charged with providing leadership and direction to the committee, the Chairperson is responsible for ensuring that the committee fulfils its responsibilities for the governance and success. The Chairperson is generally the spokesperson and should work to maintain key relationships within and outside the committee.

• Secretary – also known as the Administrative Officer is responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the committee. The secretary is the primary administration officer of the committee and provides the links between the committee, members and outside agencies. The Secretary should be a good communicator, maintain confidentiality on relevant matters and have the ability to delegate tasks and supervise others. Amongst the Secretary’s tasks are to prepare agendas, control and distribute minutes, receive and disseminate correspondence to and from the committee etc.

• Treasurer – also known as the Financial Officer is responsible for the financial supervision of the Committee to allow the committee to provide good governance. The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer whose tasks include the preparation of annual budgets, planning for the organisations financial future and monitoring the organisations revenue and expenditure. It is desirable that the treasurer is well organised and possesses a level of financial expertise.

• Events Coordinator – is responsible for the coordination of the events which help to make up the Pride Festival.

• PRO (Public Relations Officer) also known as the Communications Officer is responsible for the overseeing of media engagements, including the release of press releases and promotional material to media partners and news outlets. They oversee the administration of Sligo Pride’s social media presence as well as the organisation’s website.

• Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer – is responsible for sourcing potential sponsorship streams for Sligo Pride as well as coordinating fundraising efforts. They report directly to the financial officer in all matters concerning monies raised.

• Social Inclusions Officer – acts as a liaison between the Committee, volunteers and the public to help build Sligo Pride as a socially inclusive Pride festival regardless of socio-economic status, disability, orientation or gender identity, etc. Sometimes known as an Accessibility Officer, though this term can be limiting.

• Volunteer Coordinator – is responsible for the recruitment, training and coordination of registered volunteers with Sligo Pride.

Registration for the meeting can be found at this link:

If you have any questions in relation to these roles, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us on

Sligo Pride Volunteer Call 2019

Sligo Pride 2019 needs you to Volunteer!

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Sligo Pride 2019 needs people to help out as Parade Marshals & Guides.

Sligo Pride also need people to help out as extra hands for prepping event venues.

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